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We Understand Addiction

We understand that the teenage brain is actively seeking pleasure or avoiding pain, the most primal of desires. Addiction is most often a response to intense, unresolved pain. No matter what the pain is or how it got there, our children act out and give in to their addiction because everything else they use to kill the pain fails. This pain is bad enough, but the behavior that comes from the addiction – lying, stealing, fighting, dropping out of school, pushing away loved ones – only exacerbates their feelings of guilt, shame, regret, and hopelessness. These feelings lead to anxiety, depression, a sense of complete worthlessness, and even suicide.
Treat the Addict, Not the Addiction
A successful rehabilitation program doesn’t focus on the addiction and the drugs abused; it has to treat the addict. However, experience has proven your child can’t be treated until they are ready – until they hit true rock bottom. And while a very small percentage of addicts experience rock bottom, it usually comes at the end of dangerous, humiliating and damaging behavior. Instead of allowing your child to stagger aimlessly and dangerously into his rock bottom state, the ReBoot program has created a system to bring your child to that point through safe, controlled, tried and true methods developed by the Armed Forced for over two centuries.
One of the most important parts of treatment that is neglected today is a continuity of care between programs consisting of a long term follow up plan. ReBoot is the only program to integrate all four life changing phases under one roof. From beginning to end, all four phases are monitored and administered internally by ReBoot to ensure the highest probability of long term change in your child. Our follow-up program after your child graduates is equally as important, maintaining their connection with these adults that have shown them love and creating that accountability and connection that will support them long term. 
Break Down to Build Up
ReBoot Phase I, breaks down your child’s cognitive defiance and unhealthy social identity to the point where they recognizes they are hopelessly fallen and lost without the proper help. This means they are stripped of electronics, peer groups, preconceived notions, biases, judgments, pride, unruly willfulness, arrogance, and other hurdles standing in the way of rebuilding a healthy social identity. This gives them more than an “A-Ha!” moment – more than simply insight or the realization that they need to change. Once your child is disconnected from their dysfunctional personna, experienced mentors slowly rebuild them by helping them gain confidence and a healthy identity through accomplishment, real coping skills, scientifically proven brain balancing, self-discipline, sacrifice, and service. During the rebuilding process, your child has experiences to help them develop a profound realization of self-worth, relationship to others, the source of their pain, the harm they have caused themselves and others, and the joy of pushing past obstacles to become a better individual.
Veteran Mentors
Integral to the ReBoot process is the mentor relationship. Your child will be paired up with a mentor who is a military veteran with deep combat experience. The mentors will not only employ the proven methods of the U.S. Armed Forces to break down and rebuild your child’s new positive self-identity, but they will share their experiences so your child begins to understand that their problems are not as overwhelming as they had supposed. Through dealing with someone who has been through the most difficult of life’s challenges, your child begins to take life and their rehabilitation more seriously all while seeing the hope on the horizon. All of our veterans are highly trained in how to interact with and help your child. ReBoot mentors will have a long term impact on them as they routinely follow-up with them through their process and beyond

A Four-Phase Approach to Overcome ANY Addiction

After an intense six-week physically intense course in Phase I, ReBoot does not simply put participants back into the same situation they came from. This almost always leads to them experiencing the same triggers and returning to the same behavior within a matter of weeks. Instead, the program follows up with three more vital phases that allow participants to fully work through their issues and hit the ground running when they return to the real world.
Phase II is a residential treatment center that provides the most comprehensive nutritional, mental, physical, and emotional therapies that have been proven to be effective. Here your child has highly effective neurocognitive balancing treatments from some of the best Neuroscientists and Neuropsychologists in the world, continues their education with professional tutors, integrates into a new social unit experiencing positive social skills, learns healthy physical and nutritional practices from professional trainers and connects on a much deeper level with self, others and their higher power. Your family also heals as you play an integral part with the family therapy that builds on the experience you had with your child at the end of Phase I. The approach of the whole individual and family therapy is of utmost importance in this phase to maximize their chances of success and develop the social networking and life skills key to future success.
Phase III gets your child outside their own wants and needs through a service trip to a deprived area. Third world service programs have shown a significant and lasting impression on most youth through seeing the face of true suffering firsthand and assisting those in much greater need than themselves. A true understanding of how happiness comes from within is the greatest prize from this phase of your child’s program.
Phase IV is when your child either returns home with the support of ongoing family and personal therapy monitored and recommended by our professionals, or they enter a unique placement program in a special Transitional Family Environment with a family or group custom selected for their individual needs.

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